Sunday, August 2, 2009

Sometimes a change of plans is a good thing!

Usually, I have my week pretty well mapped out at the beginning of the week. That way, I know what's up and where I have leeway. This week was no exception...
Monday: with mom...Tuesday: off from work, but starting a new project...
Wednesday: work & evening class at church...Thursday: work & grocery shop....
Friday: work & prayer meeting....Saturday: coffee with the folks and work on project(which I also worked on after work each night). Basically all went according to plan until Thursday. Eric would be finishing up his two duty with the Guard on Friday, and wanted to take his dad & I out to dinner. I almost hesitated and said I planned on going to the prayer meeting, but didn't mention it, as we haven't had a lot of time with him this summer.
Well, on Friday, Eric called and said dinner was still on, but he was bringing another soldier home with him, as he had to drive him to the airport early in the morning. "Mom, could you make him feel welcome, he doesn't have much family?" It was important to Eric that Mike had the feeling of family. I would later find out that this young man was leaving for Iraq to join up with his unit.
(Most kids bring home stray dogs or cats. My kids brought home the stray kids)
Mike was a very polite, "Yes, mam" "Thank you mam" "Roger", but other then that, quiet. Eric showed him where to put his gear and where he would sleep. The guys changed out of their uniforms and we were off to the Texas Road House. True to his word, Eric picked up the tab, but also let Mike know that his dinner was covered. We returned home and settled in for the night.
I was up early the on Saturday morning to make sure the guys were all set. I made them coffee for the trip and watched as they loaded up and drove off. I felt as if I was sending Eric off again. Before Mike left, I gave him our address and asked him to write and that we would send care packages I also gave him an Army Bible that I bought for another young man who is also estranged from his family. I was happy to give it to Mike and will order another one for Nick (who is still in Boot Camp). I guess it's being a mom of a soldier that's given me a heart for other soldiers (especially those who don't have family). So now, I've adopted both Mike & Nick and will pray for them as if they were one of my own.
So, sometimes a change of plans is a good thing.

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Rebecca. Harlan, IN said...

I'm certain your generosity, open home, and assurance of prayers are seeds God can bless. You can be rightfully proud of your son.

I can't wait to hear how God blesses your husband with a reliable car! I am confident that it will be provided.