Wednesday, May 6, 2015

It's About Time

Have you ever accomplished something that you've become good at, but it wasn't something you really wanted to brag about??? Well, I've come to realize that I've become a pro at PROCRASTINATING. I have thoughts and ideas that stir within, and yet manage to find endless reasons, distractions or escapes to take me else where.

I began to wonder if I would ever return to what I knew I was called to....WORDS.

Words have always been a great part of my life. From the time I was a child, I was always told I talk too much. I even had people make the talking sign with their hands. You can get me on a subject I love, and I'll go nonstop talking. I can be having a conversation with someone and in something they've said, will send me in a completely different direction. I have been know to talk in mid thought, confusing those around me. I have a knack for details and trivia and I've been blessed with a good memory.

 I've said all this to say that I'm done procrastinating. Done making excuses. I'm looking through my notes and reviewing ideas. I'm finally setting aside time to put words to paper (or fingers to keys) to write what's been stirring within. So I invite you to stop by once in awhile and see where this blog leads.

Tuesday, May 5, 2015

A New Look and a New Beginning

It's been quite a while, but I finally dusted of this page and gave it a new look and I'll be starting a whole new format. I look forward to coming back and sharing my thoughts and perspectives.

Friday, February 18, 2011


As you can see, I've changed my blog design. So, what do you think?

Changes. There are all sorts of changes we make in our life time. Some for the better and some prove to be for the worse. There are things I'm changing this year, things I believe will be for the better. I'm learning to simplify! Mostly because it's a necessity. I believe that the hardest thing to do, is to take that first step. After that, it gets easier. It's the learning to let go. If you treasure something, and it's buried in a box in the corner of the attic or basement, then it's not really treasured. It's time to let others find enjoyment in things I stored away. As they say, "Easy come, easy go."

Here's to Change!

Saturday, January 15, 2011

Look Who's Here!!!!!!

Have you seen the new American Girls Doll for 2011????? Her name is Kanani and she's from Hawaii. Kanani is only here for one year, but there's an opportunity to win this doll for yourself, or a little girl in you life.
Hop on over to: and read all about Kanani. Just follow the simple rules to enter Amy's give away.

While your there, check out the rest of Amy's blog!

Friday, December 31, 2010

Amazing Blessed!!!!!

Hubby and I went to Minnesota this year, to spend Christmas with our daughter, Irene & her family. While we were away, we had our neighbor bring in the mail & feed our cat. A couple of days after Christmas, I got a phone call, from our daughter Amy. She was at our house and said all was well and that she had brought in the mail. Good kid.

When I leave for a trip, I make sure that things are pretty well straightened up, so I wont have so much to do when I return home. When the kids were small, I us to tell them and their father..."It's pretty well clean now and I expect it to be that way when I get home". I also remember the days it was like pulling teeth, to get the girls to clean their rooms, let alone help with the house work.

Let me tell you what I didn't realize when I came home this time. Not just a straightened up house, but clean house!!!!! What Amy neglected to tell me, was that when she came to my house, she cleaned my house....vaccumning, cleaning the bathroom, scrubbing the grout in the kitchen. I should have realized, when I had to rearrange my coffee & tea containers, that I was not the one who put them out of order.

I am truly amazed and blessed by all that Amy did. She knew we were having company for New Years Eve, and decided to help, because she knew I would be tired after the long trip.

I guess my telling my family "It's pretty well clean now and I expect it to be that way when I get home" paid off in the must wonderful, unusual way.

THANKS AMY!!!!! I am truly Amazingly Blessed!!!!!

Saturday, November 13, 2010

A lot!!!

It's been some time, since I was here to write. Since the last entry, I've completed my Cancer 3 Day challenge in raising the funds and doing the walk. While I didn't walk the entire 60 miles, 48 miles is nothing to sneeze at. I had a wonderful time with my daughter Irene, though we did experience some sore muscles. Irene & I did agree that I'm a pompom short!

Back in March, I started knitting hats for my granddaughter Eliana. I posted pictures on I've started working with a photographer, making photo props.
I took the hats into work and they are on display, being sold & ordered. This month, my boss made them a Facebook entry. So, if you're a Facebook fan, check out The Sewingroom Utica. Needless to say, it's turned into a small business.

In September, I entered a quilt contest through The American Sewing Expo. This years theme "Classic American Automobile". While my quilt didn't win, it did make That was accomplishment enough.

With the encouragement of the workers at Joann's Fabric in Utica, I am entering Joann's Fabric quilt contest. This time, I entering the dog quilt I made as a shower gift.

John & I also got to spend time with Amy and her family in Florida & Tennessee. It was great trip and a wonderful to share with our grandkids. We went to Disney World by doing the "Give A Day, Get A Day". We hadn't been there in 19 years, at which time, our son Eric was 3 1/2 years old. This time, it was our grandson Alex, who was 3 1/2.

This is a view of the road our cabin was on. This is not fog, just the clouds of The Great Smoky Mountains! We were so high up that the clouds would roll over us. Though the view, when visible, was grand, we were to early for the fall colors.

A lot has been accomplished, but still have lots to do.

Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Sometimes I think.....

Sometimes I think it's all a waste! A waste of time! A waste of space! I'm not sure what I expected, but I know what I got.....Nothing!!!!!

I write and no one comments.....OK, my daughter will. I have 3 followers. I guess that's better then none.
So, I guess I'll just use this as a place to vent right now, as no one will respond and it wont matter.

I've written twice about my walking 60 mile in 3 days for breast cancer. That was a waste of time. My daughter Amy even wrote about it on her blog . The only comment was mine! There too, a waste of time. Thanks for trying Amy!
I've sent e-mail, facebook messages and sent letters to raise the require $2,300. Some have responded and to you I say THANK YOU!!!!! But no comments.

I will not say my training has been a waste of time, or the fact that I get to spend 3 day with my daughter Irene, sharing a pink tent and 60 miles of memories. Every step will be worth it.

I will believe that God will show me how to raise the money. If by September 15th, I haven't reached goal, the remaining balance will divided into 4 equal payments that I have to pay.

Well, the venting is done....not such a waste, as I do feel a little better.

After the 60 Mile walk, August 13- 15th, I will have to rethink this blog! To blog or not to blog, that will be the question to answer. If blogging, then maybe a new approach to "Just a thought"! Maybe more on "In Stitches" where I can display my creativity in sewing & knitting. Only time will tell.