Friday, December 31, 2010

Amazing Blessed!!!!!

Hubby and I went to Minnesota this year, to spend Christmas with our daughter, Irene & her family. While we were away, we had our neighbor bring in the mail & feed our cat. A couple of days after Christmas, I got a phone call, from our daughter Amy. She was at our house and said all was well and that she had brought in the mail. Good kid.

When I leave for a trip, I make sure that things are pretty well straightened up, so I wont have so much to do when I return home. When the kids were small, I us to tell them and their father..."It's pretty well clean now and I expect it to be that way when I get home". I also remember the days it was like pulling teeth, to get the girls to clean their rooms, let alone help with the house work.

Let me tell you what I didn't realize when I came home this time. Not just a straightened up house, but clean house!!!!! What Amy neglected to tell me, was that when she came to my house, she cleaned my house....vaccumning, cleaning the bathroom, scrubbing the grout in the kitchen. I should have realized, when I had to rearrange my coffee & tea containers, that I was not the one who put them out of order.

I am truly amazed and blessed by all that Amy did. She knew we were having company for New Years Eve, and decided to help, because she knew I would be tired after the long trip.

I guess my telling my family "It's pretty well clean now and I expect it to be that way when I get home" paid off in the must wonderful, unusual way.

THANKS AMY!!!!! I am truly Amazingly Blessed!!!!!


Rebecca said...

Yes, you ARE blessed! Happy New Year! God bless your life, your family, your home and the work of your ands, Jan!

Gina said...

That was such a sweet thing Amy did for you. You did a wonderful job raising your children!