Saturday, November 13, 2010

A lot!!!

It's been some time, since I was here to write. Since the last entry, I've completed my Cancer 3 Day challenge in raising the funds and doing the walk. While I didn't walk the entire 60 miles, 48 miles is nothing to sneeze at. I had a wonderful time with my daughter Irene, though we did experience some sore muscles. Irene & I did agree that I'm a pompom short!

Back in March, I started knitting hats for my granddaughter Eliana. I posted pictures on I've started working with a photographer, making photo props.
I took the hats into work and they are on display, being sold & ordered. This month, my boss made them a Facebook entry. So, if you're a Facebook fan, check out The Sewingroom Utica. Needless to say, it's turned into a small business.

In September, I entered a quilt contest through The American Sewing Expo. This years theme "Classic American Automobile". While my quilt didn't win, it did make That was accomplishment enough.

With the encouragement of the workers at Joann's Fabric in Utica, I am entering Joann's Fabric quilt contest. This time, I entering the dog quilt I made as a shower gift.

John & I also got to spend time with Amy and her family in Florida & Tennessee. It was great trip and a wonderful to share with our grandkids. We went to Disney World by doing the "Give A Day, Get A Day". We hadn't been there in 19 years, at which time, our son Eric was 3 1/2 years old. This time, it was our grandson Alex, who was 3 1/2.

This is a view of the road our cabin was on. This is not fog, just the clouds of The Great Smoky Mountains! We were so high up that the clouds would roll over us. Though the view, when visible, was grand, we were to early for the fall colors.

A lot has been accomplished, but still have lots to do.

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