Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Sometimes I think.....

Sometimes I think it's all a waste! A waste of time! A waste of space! I'm not sure what I expected, but I know what I got.....Nothing!!!!!

I write and no one comments.....OK, my daughter will. I have 3 followers. I guess that's better then none.
So, I guess I'll just use this as a place to vent right now, as no one will respond and it wont matter.

I've written twice about my walking 60 mile in 3 days for breast cancer. That was a waste of time. My daughter Amy even wrote about it on her blog . The only comment was mine! There too, a waste of time. Thanks for trying Amy!
I've sent e-mail, facebook messages and sent letters to raise the require $2,300. Some have responded and to you I say THANK YOU!!!!! But no comments.

I will not say my training has been a waste of time, or the fact that I get to spend 3 day with my daughter Irene, sharing a pink tent and 60 miles of memories. Every step will be worth it.

I will believe that God will show me how to raise the money. If by September 15th, I haven't reached goal, the remaining balance will divided into 4 equal payments that I have to pay.

Well, the venting is done....not such a waste, as I do feel a little better.

After the 60 Mile walk, August 13- 15th, I will have to rethink this blog! To blog or not to blog, that will be the question to answer. If blogging, then maybe a new approach to "Just a thought"! Maybe more on "In Stitches" where I can display my creativity in sewing & knitting. Only time will tell.

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