Sunday, September 13, 2009

The Time Machine . Confessions of a computer game junkie

I have found a 21 century Time Machine. It's a computer, as it sucks time away from you. Once you've logged on ans completed all that you wanted to do, you come to realize just how much time you've spent on the thing.
I must confess that I've become a computer game junkie. I have 2 farms, one on Farm Town and one on Farmville and I also live in an apartment on Yoville. That is, I did have these things. As of today and the conviction on God, I've turned all 3 off. To some of you, you may think I've lost my mind and to others, you will understand the conviction of God in you own lives.
When it gets to a point that you are adjusting your schedule at home to harvest a crop or work in a factory, then life has become sad. I found myself working on virtual reality places for hours and for what.....more money, experience points, the next level. How sad it's truly become for me. I'd go to bed late and get up to get ready and hurry out the door for work. I no longer took the time to sit and read the word of God and do my devotions in the morning because I had been up way to late the night before.
I've been asking God for more of Him and less of me. For more of Him and less of the things of this world. I can no long let the things of this world take precedent over what God has for my life. I'll still be on Facebook and still do my e-mail, but will no longer sit for wasted, empty hours to play games. These are my convictions and I just want my neighbors on those games to have a fully understanding as to why I'm no longer their neighbor.

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Rebecca. Harlan, IN said...

Oh, Kathy! I DO understand. And I commend you for obeying the Holy Spirit! I first of all look at myself and daily have to keep my own habits in check. But I do notice how many of my facebook friends are consumed by the games! Reaching new levels, building new buildings....Like I told you in "chat", I am clueless about these things - just notice how they take over a person's entire WALL in facebook not to MENTION one's life and time, as you have realized! May God fill your time and life with Himself and all that is real and true, pure and righteous. I admire your decision and pray that God will help you not to go back--just forward!