Monday, March 8, 2010

Looking Back......

First Birthday

About 5 years old
Sorry, not to many school pictures to choose least that I wanted to post

Here's my Senior Picture
21 Years old
Wedding Picture...I was 23

About 24 or 25

Here I am at 51
Not too bad for 60!!!

Looking back can be scary, especially in photos!!!! In general, looking back isn't to bad!

I celebrated my 60th birthday on March 7th. I actually started celebrating on the 4th having breakfast with my parents, my brothers Paul & George and my sister-in-laws Robin & Cheryl.

Saturday the 6th, My hubby & I went with my parents to South Haven, Michigan for the weekend. The main reason for the trip was to hear my youngest brother( who will remind you that he is 11 years younger!!!) give a lecture at the Great Lakes Maritime Museum. This gave me the opportunity to celebrate with Pat & my sister-in-law Joanie. So, all in all, I got to celebrate this all my family.

As for my children, Irene is in Minnesota and gave me a wonderful gift, a donation to my fund for the Cancer 3 Day walk, Eric gave me his WII(we) and I get to stretch this birthday to the 14th, when I will spend time with Amy, Mike, Alex & Eliana, Yay!
My brother George was so thoughtful to give my picture to Boy Scouts of, when they see me, I can expect them to help assist me across the street!!!!!
Pat & Joanie gave me a new Journal and color gel pens, as I love to write. They also gave me 4 cute little dolls made of spools & buttons.

All in all, entering a new decade is exciting. The past 50 years have been rewarding and I look forward to what is yet to come.

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