Friday, August 29, 2008

Can you say STRESSED!

Did you ever have an idea that you thought might be a possible opportunity in life? You know, the WOW idea that could bring in some money? The creative thing you like to do that could become something great? Well, until this week, I always thought I could do something more with my sewing…..something on a grander scale then what I’m doing now. My experience with week with running a business changed all that!
My boss went to Mexico for her sister’s wedding and left me in charge of the shop. I’ve run the shop before…a couple of hours here….a day there, but never for a business week. Mind you, I had help from my co-workers, but the thought of making sure all went well was overwhelming.
Actually, I was stressing out over nothing. I was being overly concerned. Through it all, I discovered a couple of things.
1) God is in control.
2) The bible says that being anxious does not add to your life. That’s true. It only gives you headaches!
3) I’d rather create and let someone else handle the business end of things.
In conclusion, as for this week, I’m gonna lay it down! Gonna let it go! Gonna let it be!
(Words of Natalie Grant) I’ve learned a lot. I also know that if called upon to do it again, I would with more confidence and less stress.

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Irene said...

I still say you should E-bay American Girl outfits. You could make a FORTUNE! By the way, my girlfriend wants the princess dresses for her daughters doll too (see what I mean!!)