Sunday, November 16, 2008

As The Thread Flies

What do the above pictures have in common? The fact that Christmas is coming and I have work to do. Granted, it's work I love to do. My granddaughter Sarah is getting an American Girl Doll and she loves the Disney Princesses, espically Sleeping Beauty & Cinderella.

Over the past year, I have made Sarah dress-ups of 5 of the Disney Princess, so I thought this year, I would make doll dresses to match. Now, she'll get Sleeping Beauty and Cinderella for Christmas, and then I'll do the others for her Birthday in January.

I always loved playing with dolls. My dad said that's why I had two girls first. I've sewn for them over the years, even made their wedding dresses. Now I have two granddaughters to sew for.....and their dolls. So, I'm still in a way playing with dolls and I'm having fun. May the sewing continue!

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