Monday, February 2, 2009

A Very Special Christmas Gift

This is a very special Christmas gift. I meant to post this earlier, but I was still getting aquianted with my scanner.
This was the gift that Alex gave us for Christmas, an original designer mouse pad. Notice the fine centering. The choice of colors and the fine blending.
As a proud grandparent, I took it to the computer room and placed it under the mouse. A few days later, I went to make myself a cup of coffee and notices a perfect blue dot on the tip of my pinky finger. I thought nothing of it and washed it off. 2 days later, I once again noticed a perfect blue dot on my pinky, but now there was also one on my ring finger and an oblong mark along the side of my thumb. "What the heck"? "Where did that come from?" It took a couple of minutes to figure it out. You see, the only clean finger tips I had were the ones that rested on the mouse and not on the mouse pad.
So, as awsome and wonderful our Christmas gift from Alex is, it is now a wonderful, awsome, unique work of art that is on display in the computer room.

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