Sunday, March 15, 2009

And the person I thank for my Starbuck's card is..........

My Starbuck's Coffee Card & Birthday card came son, Eric. He had planned to come home for my birthday, but called to let me know that he would not be able to make it. It's a good thing that he called, as I was in Kansas City, Missouri, at The International House of Prayer, to attend their Passion for Jesus conference. Eric was certainly glad I answered my phone and let him now I wasn't home. Yes, I did tell him I was going out of town, but he forgot.

Which seems to be a little problem, as he forgot to sign the card. That's ok, at least I know who sent the card and I'll certainly enjoy the coffee. As I am really haven't been to Starbucks much, any suggestions as to what to get? Eric was very generous.

Thanks Eric!

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Amy A.K.A. "The Mrs." said...

You MUST try a caramel-mocha latte. YUMMMM-O. That's my fave. Although, I'd take it decaf. ;)