Friday, March 13, 2009

Who do I thank?????

Imagine my suprise when the UPS man knocked on my door after leaving a large envelope. The envelope was marked 2 day delivery and addressed to me. I opened the delivery envelope to find a card size envelope inside. This is the card that was inside the card envelope.
If you can't read the inside texts "I know we couldn't be together for your birthday, but I did not forget...HAPPY BELATED BIRTHDAY!!!! There was a nice Starbucks gift card inside.
I've written all this to say that the card was not signed. Therefore, who do I thank????? I appericate the gift and card and being thought of, but I'd like to know who to thank. Therefore, I sincerely hope that you let me know who you are. If you wish to remain unknown, then I respect your wish and will just say "Thank you very much!" I will remember that I was thought as I enjoy each cup of coffee.

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