Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Finally where it belongs

From semi photo to fabric quilt
On April 20th, the semi truck quilt finally went to it's rightful home.

The quilt was for Peter & Kristine Whyte's son. It was a promised Baby Shower quilt that I didn't start until the baby was born as I did not have an idea for a girls' quilt because I was so sure they were having a boy.
I only have Peter's reaction to the quilt as Kristine was working. Peter was amazed with the detailing that I had done. I was happy that he was so pleased. He said he wants to hang it on the wall.

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babygirl said...

oh i love this quilt and the reason is because my boyfriend joe is a truck driver and this would be a perfect fathers day gift would you beable too make one for me i will pay you of course and the size would of course have to be bigger but just like a twin size because he can use it when hes on the road. he sleeps in the truck alot so this will be so perfect let me know if you could do it k thanks lone you guys