Saturday, May 30, 2009

As I see it, when I grow up, I want to be just like her!

Mom as a toddler.
(Isn't she cute?)

Mom in grade school

Mom's prom photo.


Her wedding day

A real bathing beauty!
(Sorry Mom, I couldn't resist)

Mom & Dad
(married 61 years)

She was secretary to 3 Superintendents
Has 4 Children
(I'm her favorite daughter!)
14 grandchildren
9 1/2 great grandchildren
Loving & Caring
Worries maybe just a little to much
Makes the best bread when she's upset
(Don't ask her about school buses)
Enjoys gardens
(Especially day lilies)
Loves thrift store shopping
(Especially Salvation Army)
There is much more I could say about my Mom, and in the future I will share some of her life with you. As for today, I just wanted to pay tribute to her on her 82ND birthday (Amy will tell you she's 65). I am blessed to be her daughter.
When I was a little girl, mom gave me singing lessons every time we washed & dried the dishes. She taught me to dance, when we watched Lawrence Welk. I got my interest in sewing from her, though she'll tell you I far surpass what she did, but I got her interested in quilting. Our relationship has grown and prospered over the years. My Mondays are not the same if we don't spend it together, and my Saturdays are just a little gloomy if Mom & Dad don't share coffee with us.
Happy Birthday Mom!

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Amy A.K.A. "The Mrs." said...

I love the pictures!!
And to anyone else who reads this, there is NO WAY my Grandma is 82. She IS 65. Really! ;)