Saturday, June 6, 2009

Section A, Row 6, Seats 7 & 8

Yanni Voices Concert at The Palace
(Not to bad for a camera phone picture)

Up until now, Amy & I have been to two plays,"Wicked" & "Legally Blonde". However, on Friday night, we attended our first concert, "Yanni Voices". Thanks to , we had seats on the floor, 6 rows from the stage. We were excited to say the least. Seating to the left of us was Beth and to the right of us was Michelle & Courtney...guess you could say it was the Blogger Section.

Two odd things of the evening:
#1 The selling of Ear Plugs! I don't get it. It isn't as if it were a rock concert. However, to my amazement, I did see one man actually buy some.
#2 Adoring fans who pick odd moments to yell out their adoration's. Yanni was sitting at the piano and all was quiet, until a lady yells "I love you, Yanni"! He was polite and said "I love you too." Well, if that weren't enough, a man then yells "I love you, Yanni", to which everyone laughs. Yanni, smiles politely and says, "This is the quiet moment of the show."

We not only enjoyed the vocalists, but the orchestra, especially the violinists, harpists and drummer.

Not only did we have great seats, but we also had a "Meet & Greet" after the concert. A very large man, dressed in black, ushered us across the main area, to the stairs an up two floors. This led us to the Club Section, where we waited for everyone to come up. (One little man in the group was impatient and started to try and open up all the doors in the hallway) Our escort finally entered and led us through the glass doors to where we would have the "Meet & Greet".
We were able to meet with the 4 vocalists and get pictures and autographs (They even supplied the Sharpies, silver ones at that.)

Ender Thomas (Favorite song: Desire)
Ender was very friendly and greet us with a hug.

Leslie Mills (Favorite song: "Before the Night Ends")

Amy was able to talk to Leslie for a few minutes and was asking her where she got her inspiration from.

Chole (Favorite song: "Kill me with your love")

Chole has a wonderful voice and she also loves to dance.(Something you get to see her do during the concert).
One lucky lady got her own personal duet of "Happy Birthday" from Ender & Chole.

Nathan Pacheco (Favorite song: Unico Amore (Enchantment))

Amy getting Nathan's autograph on her CD insert.

Can I just say "What a voice"!!!!! He could sing the yellow pages and it would be wonderful. Needless to say, he was our favorite.

The PR people made sure that everyone got their pictures and autographs, before they whisked the vocalist away, to their waiting bus that would take them to their next destination, Grand Rapids.

All in all, it was a great evening. Another memory for Amy & I to relish.
Amy, if I forgot to Thank You, "Thank You!" If I already did, well, "Thank You" again.
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Amy A.K.A. "The Mrs." said...

very well written, marmee.
It was a great evening for me and I hope we can share more times like this together. It's so much fun.

Oh...I'm totally snagging that pic of me with Nathan, mmmk? :)

Rebecca said...

I visited your interesting blog briefly today. I am always blessed to see that picture of Jesus holding the weary person. I may have made up the name "Finally Home", but it brings tears of anticipation to my eyes everytime I see it! I have a few things in common with you..married 38 years, 3 children, 8 grands....but unlike you, I only WISH I could do alterations - and slipcovers, too!