Thursday, January 28, 2010

The Importance continues

Well, after sometime of figuring and writing, I finally had my list of supplies ready for shopping.
My first stop was a great place called "Fabric Warehouse" in Warren, Mi. The next stop was Joann's Fabric in Utica, Mi. Finally at 3:45 I grabbed a quick bite before I headed back to work.
As my list of supplies was not complete, I headed back out to Joann's in Rochester, Mi and from there the Joann's in Auburn Hills, Mi. With most of the supplies purchased, I headed home for the day.

Let me tell you, trying to find the right fabrics to complete a task isn't always easy. I would pull fabrics( in the warehouse, this would be large, heavy bolts)and compare them to the sketches and to each other to make sure I had the right look. I would put fabrics in the basket and go up and down the aisles. Sometimes, I felt like a plane in a holding pattern for landing! I should wear one of the gadgets that let you know how far you walk. I sure I put a couple of miles in.

Anyway, I said all that to say I've got my supplies and today I'll be the "Cut Up" ;) as I start putting patterns to the fabric and cutting out the pieces.

So what do you think?

Soon they'll be more then just drawing on paper. They'll be completed costumes for the play.

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