Tuesday, January 26, 2010

"The Importance of......"

Thanks to where I work, I get to do something I love...sewing Historical reproduction clothing.
http://www.thesewingroomutica.com/ is the website for the alteration shop I work at. The boss received an inquire from Belhaven University in Jackson, Miss. for costume work. To make things even more exciting for me, the play is "The Importance of Being Earnest". Can I just say YEAH!!!!

I had a conference call with Kris Dietrich and I believe the director(?) today. I wanted to do a Happy Dance when I got off the phone, but I restrained myself and went back to work.

I was able to get the sketches for what needed to be done

Then I pulled my reference books:
The Evolution of Fashion

and: Janet Arnold Patterns of Fashion 2

Next, I went and pulled patterns from my archives:
Past Patterns

and: Historical Patterns of Fashion from Simplicity, Butterick & McCall

Now, to figure out what patterns and or pieces I'm going to be using, then figure out the yardage. Tomorrow, I shop for fabric.
Here's the thing, I did "The Music Man" & "My Fair Lady" for our local high school and "1776", "Guys & Dolls", "Oklahoma" for community theatre. I know what it is to shop on a budget or no budget. I shop sales and bargains.
In construction, there's a difference between theatre costumes and Historical Reproduction street ware. With Theatre costumes, I don't have to be so accurate and I have to consider quick costume changes. Either way, I'm in my element.
I'll keep you posted as the work progresses.

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