Thursday, October 2, 2008

How Precious?

You know the saying "Curiosity killed the cat?" Well, I think that's the reason cats have 9 lives.
Take for instance the other day. After cleaning up the familyroom and putting away the dvd's, I heard an unusual noise. At first I couldn't discover it's source. The cat wasn't behind the entertainment center, and ther wasn't anything outside in the yard. Yet, by the third time I heard it, I investagated further. As I approached the entertainment center, I heard the noise coming from the lower cabinet. I opend the doors, to see our cat trying to find her way out. Apparently, she went in one side of the cabinet when I was in the other. I closed the doors unaware that she was there.
Monday, when we came home from getting Eric at the airport, I expected the cat to meet us at the cat. I looked in her hiding cat. I took out her food container and shook cat. I took the container to the food of the stairs and shook it cat. I went into the kitchen and ran the electric can opener. Precious (that's the cat's name) will come running because she thinks I'm opening tuna cat. John said not to worry, but I had an uneasy feeling.
A little while later, John called me to the kitchen. There he stood, holding Precious. "Guess where I found her?" "I can't imagine." "In the shed in the backyard!" The shed? The shed? How did she get in the shed? Then I remembered. Eariler that morning, I noticed that John had left the shed door open. I went out and closed it before I went to work. Apparently, Precious followed me out and went around me as I went over to close the door and latch it. There she was, for 7 hours. I'm glad it wasn't hot and she didn't have a long wait. I glad John went out to the shed. Has Precious learned her lesson...probably not, after all, she still has 7 lives left.

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