Sunday, December 14, 2008

What Inspires me?

What inspires me? This was a question from Matt Bunk's Blog post.
Well, many things inspires me. Take for instance my son Eric. He inspires me to have his favorite food on hand and the house ready for his Home Coming.
Winter inspires me to knit.
My granddaughter Sarah inspires me to sew doll clothes and dress ups.
My daughter Amy inspires me to shop.
My mom, to just take time and enjoy our Mondays together.
Pastor Bob inspires me to seek God's face.
Alieen inspires me to want an intimate relationship with God.
A good book inspires me to read more.
Sundays, after church, inspire me to rest.
Color inspires me to be creative.
Music inspire me to sing, or dance or worship.
A moment, a person or an incident can inspire me to write a scene in a play or a monologue.
A tee shirt with a slogan on it can inspire a cabin theme for next years CFL Camp.
An a reality TV show can inspire me to develope another theme for another cabin.

So Matt, I guess there is alot that inspires me. The question remains Will I act upon the inspirations?

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