Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Coming Home/ counting the days.

Like Eric, we (his dad & I) are counting the days till he's home for a two week leave. Eric has been in Iraq since Feb. and away from home since Jan. To think we'll see him in the flesh and not this nice night vision picture, is hard to believe. I have mixed emotions. I really haven't allowed myself to think about his being gone. We couldn't be prouder of him and all who have chosen to protect and defend this country. We have a sign in our yard that says "Our Son, Our Soldier, Our Hero".
I sure the two weeks will fly by before we have had time to think. He'll return to Iraq to finish his tour of duty. We pray that his mission is on schedule and he is back in January, which will be just in time to return to Spring Arbor University. Back to a normal; school, and home one weekend a month for Guard duty(this is when I get the pleasure of doing his laundry). What I wouldn't give to do it today!
I'll be patient and continue to trust God to protect Eric, to mold and make him the man God would have him to be.
Please continue to pray for our troops and their loved ones who wait for their return.

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