Tuesday, September 2, 2008

I don't remember seeing that before

Is it me, or has anyone else noticed that this world is in a mad rush? I try to stay calm and at easy when I'm behind the steering wheel, but there are times I get pulled into the fast flow of traffic.
I believe that if I keep the calm edge as I travel to work, that I’ll maintain a calm edge at work. If I feel I really need the calming edge on the way to work, I purposely take a different route that requires calm! Or I’ll take my favorite scenic route to enjoy the view and relish the creation of God. Lately, my alternative routes are under construction, so I take them only if I really feel the need to slow down.
Anyway, last week as I was caught in the flow of the fast track as I traveled west bound on Hall Road (M59), I was astounded to see something I hadn’t noticed before. There in the middle of what use to be a clump of trees,(now a cleared lot) stood an abandon silo. It looks out of place as it stands as a reminder of a farm that is no more. Behind this lot, which by the way is for sale (no surprise there) stand a new Target (not yet open) and a Home Depot.
I remember when Hall road was a two lane road and it took forever to go from Gratiot to Van Dyke. It was a boring trip with nothing but farms to see. What I wouldn’t give for even one of those farms today. Progress has pushed farming out of this area. Ah progress! How many strip mall and gas stations can we have? How many malls for that matter?
I guess I’ve said all this to just say…..remember to take the scenic route, the calming route once in a while and relish what little scenic nature progress has left us.
Drive calm, take a deep breathe and enjoy the gift of nature that God has given us, as you inevitably get pulled into the fast track.

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Amy @ Thoughts from the Mrs. said...

It's so sad to see so many new stores going up while my spending budget goes down. :) Oh, well. I'll leave the shopping to the people who aren't afraid to use their credit cards.
It really is a shame to see those abandoned farms that are "in the way" of the next best thing.