Saturday, September 6, 2008

The tradition continues

This week ended on a happy note. I returned to Greenfield Village for the Antique Car show and a picnic lunch. This is something I’ve done on and off for the past 25 years. It started as a fluke. I had been doing costumes for Mt. Clemens High school and the Macomb Theatre for Performing Arts (now the Emerald). I’m a history buff, though I’ll admit that I wasn’t into history when I was in school. Any way, my favorite time period is the late 1880 - 1911. I had costumes in storage and thought that the Antique Car Show would be a good place to use them. The first time we went, it was just my daughters (who were 5 ½ & 3 ½ at the time) 2 of my neighbors and myself. What an experience. We did a kick line to the music of a jazz band, which gained great applause and a theractial bow from Amy. We are photographed constantly throughout the day. Over the years, I have been give an award photo from Robinson's photography and 2 oil paintings (actually Irene has 1) from Morley Hasson of Trenton, Michigan.

(This photo is of stroller at Greenfield, not my costumes)

Over the course of the past 25 years as few a 4 have gone and as many as 22 and I’ve costumed them all. I even gave a personal Victorian Shower for a friend. We dressed to attend and paid to get in. I started a new tradition that year…choir practice. We sang songs from the early 1900’s.(Blessed Assurance, Amazing Grace & How Great Thou Art).

This year, after a 3 year absence, there were 8 adults and 10 children who went. Only my daughter Amy and grandson Alex had new costumes. The rest chose something from my vast collection. I was a bit discouraged because my favorite costume no longer fit. Imagine that, after 25 years….time for a new one…next year.

So far, the feed back from the group that went this year has been good. Some even request costumes of their own for next year (oh happy sewing!!!) So the tradition continues…fun, fellowship, antique cars, choir practice and a picnic lunch and endless pictures taken. I will share some of those pictures in the future as we had an amateur photographer join us this year.

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