Saturday, September 27, 2008

Slight delay

As I expected, Eric did not get off right away, therefore a slight delay. What's the saying...."All good things come to those that wait?" Well, it's worth the wait only if for 2 weeks, part of which will be spent at Spring Arbor University. It seems like just yesterday that I was helping him with his braid at Boot Camp's been 2yrs. Two weeks doesn't seem like enough time, but to me it's enough to know he's ok and having time with family & friends.

I'll admit, it's been a time of trusting God. The day Eric left for Boot Camp wasn't an easy one. I remembered praying, "God, I've raised but the child in the ways he should go, now it's your turn to raise up the man.

I remember the Sunday that Eric came into church wearing his ACU's. I wasn't prepared to see a boy leave my house for weekend duty and a man come into the church. I am thankful and grateful for the boy, the son and the man!

Will let all know when we get the call that he's state side. Thanks for all your support and prayers.

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