Monday, September 1, 2008

Out of Chronicalogical Order

Ah, the love of a good book.

You may think this silly, but I’m reading the Chronicles of Narnia. The desire to read it came after seeing the movie “The Lion, The Witch & The Wardrobe.” Then they released “Prince Caspian”. I didn’t want to see the second movie until I read the book. Yeah, I know that the book and movie usually aren’t the same, but that’s ok.

So, I picked up my son Eric’s book and started reading “The Lion, The Witch & The Wardrobe”, which is the second book in the chronicles. Ok, ok, so I read it out of order, but that was the first movie. What difference does that make? Actually none, but that’s where I started.

I did go back and read the first book (The Magician’s Nephew) and when I finished it I was glad to know how certain things came about in Narnia. I’m now in the third book (The Horse and His Boy). It’s been a great challenge, but worth it. Sometimes a book is better then turning on the TV.

This past August, I had the opportunity to visit the Botanical Gardens in St. Louis and took a lot of pictures. I took this picture because it reminded me of the lamp post in Narnia after the snow melted.

Well, 3 more books to read and then the chronicles will be complete. The next book is Prince Caspian. Then I rent the movie.

Let me end with this, there's just something about Narnia and Aslan, that stirs my heart. I'm like a kid in a new adventure, and I'm greatful for authors like C. S. Lewis. I could only hope that one day something I wrote would stir the heart of man

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